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Podcast: Notre Dame Opponents in Week 1 – IST325

Each week we’ll look at who Notre Dame’s opponents are playing against and how they’re progressing through the season.


Starts the season Friday 9:30 PM against the Cal Poly Mustangs. Although Nevada is not a powerhouse program they are a heavy favorite in this game. Cal Poly is in the FCS (if you couldn’t tell by the name). There are no betting lines on this game. Expect Nevada to look solid in this game before traveling to South Bend.

Michigan State

Michigan State starts out their season similarly to Nevada by selecting Furman Paladins off the buffet menu of FCS schools. The Spartans also start week one on Friday at 7 PM. Strategically, the Spartans have a bye scheduled for week 2 of the season and their next game will be against the Irish.


On Saturday at 6 PM, Duke faces off against the Eagles. The North Carolina Central Eagles, they’re more like small chickens.


Syracuse begins week one in a toothpaste fight, on Friday at 7 PM, against the Colgate Raiders.

NC State

Finally a game with a spread. NC State faces off against the vicious William & Mary Tribe at 7:30 PM on Thursday. NC State is favored by 20 points.


Stanford hosts Kansas State for a solidly interesting game on Friday at 9 PM. The Tree is favored by 15 and although this matchup is interesting, it’s nothing close to what Stanford has scheduled for their next 3 games. After their week two bye Stanford plays, USC, UCLA, and Washington. If Stanford is undefeated for the Notre Dame contest in week 7, they will probably finish with 1 loss the rest of the way and claim a playoff spot.


Notre Dame fans have little respect for Miami and it’s well deserved when the first three games are against FCS opponents. Miami begins week one on Saturday 6 PM against Florida A&M Rattlers.


Our Midshipmen begin the season on Saturday at noon against Fordham Rams.


One of few Notre Dame opponents that finds itself as an underdog in week one. Army faces Temple as a 15 point dog. The game is Friday at 7 PM.

Virginia Tech

Tech begins the season on Saturday at 12:30 PM against Liberty Flames.


One of two Notre Dame opponents that begins week one as an underdog. USC plays mighty Tide and is disadvantaged by 12 points. It’s a beautiful thing when college powerhouses take the risk of scheduling other powerhouses to open the season. USC is ranked 20 in the preseason poll but after this matchup, it’ll become much clearer what quality of team USC really is.

Other Games of Note

Several other games are of interest in week one. #3 Oklahoma and #15 Houston face off on noon on Saturday. If Houston can win and remain undefeated it has a great chance of being in the playoff.
#5 LSU and Wisconson play at 3:30 PM.
#18 Georgia and #22 North Carolina play at 5:30 PM
#2 Clemson and Auburn at 9 PM
#11 Ole Miss and #4 FSU Monday at 8 PM