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Micah Dew-Treadway After FB Banquet

“It was a special experience, mainly because you get to be around everyone after the season. Obviously we [Notre Dame 7-5] didn’t get the outcome we wanted but seeing the seniors get acknowledgment and seeing the guys at the end of the season get the various awards like the scout team player of the year, offensively and defensively. I think that’s special because you get a big insight into the program directly.” – Dew-Treadway

Micah did get to spend quality time with the other commits in his class and said “We’re probably one of the tightest-knit groups in the nation. We got a group chat where we speak with each other pretty much every day, we talk in there, and pick at each others brains, and we clown around in there. This weekend definitely brought us closer… I think our camaraderie and togetherness will be great once we get out there [on the field] together.”

Tom Loy of Blue & Gold Illustrated was responsible for helping get the group chat together for the commits. By all indication it seems to have been a huge success in building relationships between the young men and the upside is that this will allow for leaders to emerge within the class sooner than typical. Dew-Treadway is planning to enroll this upcoming semester so he will be in prime position to become a leader of the incoming freshmen and also getting a head start to get on the field this fall.

On Early Enrollment

When asked how long he’s been planning on enrolling early he said it started with teammate Antonio Morrison. In 2012 Antonio enrolled early at Florida and had success as a freshman and played in all 13 games. Micah thought that its something he’d like to try after seeing the potential benefits in getting on the field early. Micah thought that Antonio started his last 6 games as a freshman but there wasn’t a corroborating source available. But it doesn’t matter, Antonio played significant role as a Freshman and that is a significant factor in Micah’s decision.

To prepare for early enrollment Micah had mostly core classes his first 3 years of high school. His Senior year has been made up of 3 core classes and lots of electives which makes for a full schedule each day. That means no lunch, no homeroom, no study hall. Micah said, “I’m just in class the whole day. Thank God that’s over with!”

It is almost over, Finals started Wednesday and after this week Micah Dew-Treadway will no longer be a high school student. Micah talked about getting to Notre Dame to touch base with Coach Longo and the nutritionists to “see what I need to do to get bigger, faster, stronger” [pause] “and to get ahead in my education too.”

Micah is 6’5″, 276 pounds initially expected to look like defensive end 98 Trumbetti, but plans have slightly changed. “Since I’m playing defensive tackle I’ll probably be along the lines of Jay Hayes. I’ll be a little slimmer than Jay. Don’t tell him I said that!”

Micah was picked for the United States Marine Corps High School All-American game which takes place on January 4th, 2015 in Carson, CA.