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Ryan Thiel on Spring Game & New Technology Coming to Football – April 27 IST162

Notre Dame Blue-Gold Game 2015 Recap

Ryan Thiel joined the podcast with his insights on Notre Dame’s Spring in general and the Blue-Gold game in particular. Listen to Ryan’s opinion on the (1) ┬álinebacking group, (2) the development of the defensive line and (3) the confidence of Matt Redfield. Follow Ryan on Twitter @RSThiel. Have you wondered what it would look like from the perspective of the Golden Dome? Wonder no more but get a glimpse of the beauty of the Notre Dame campus anytime by visiting D. Gerber leaves a voicemessage with his thoughts on the Spring and you can too by calling (817) 382-7769. Follow Gerbs on Twitter @GerbsIrish02. Stanford has been testing some new hardware that simulates gametime situations. It was tweaked throughout the season and used consistently over the last three games of the season. During that time the Stanford offense improved from 24 PPG to 38 PPG. This is the future of college and professional sports.