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Texas at Notre Dame Week 1 Matchup IST182

Texas at Notre Dame Week 1 Preview

What To Expect from Texas Offense

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Texas will play at a high tempo and their goal is to go as fast as possible with by running plays every 23 to 24 seconds. This is the first year under their new offense so the Irish staff hasn’t had as much film as upcoming opponents.

What To Expect from Texas Defense

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Brian Kelly praised the big and physical Texas defense with a physical back end. With Notre Dame’s success at running the ball against LSU with Malik Zaire and with the questions surrounding the passing ability of the current Irish quarterback it’s a solid bet that Texas will stack the box and dare Zaire to pass the ball.

Score Prediction

Randall: ND 34-17
Kyle: ND 24-13
Reuben: ND 31-17